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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Sheppards Baked Enamel Aluminum Patio Covers, Carports, Sunrooms and Insul-roofs are
manufactured from the highest grade aluminum by skilled craftsmen to meet the highest standards
of workmanship in the industry. Sheppards warrants against crazing, cracking, chipping, peeling,
blistering or losing paint adhesion for a period of TWENTY YEARS from the date of original purchase.
Should the foregoing defect occur, replacement or repair of defective material only will be made,
F.O.B. our plant. Normal weathering and aging of existing materials will preclude perfect colour match of replacement material.

This warranty shall not apply to any material and/or workmanship which have been subjected to
misuse, neglect, natural hazard, accident, and/or which have been altered or adjusted by anyone
other than a certified Sheppards Installer.

This instrument completely defines the warranty, and no other agreement, written or implied, is
valid. All claims must be made in writing with proper documentation of date of purchase and/or
installation within the warranty period.

Sheppards Building Materials Inc. (SBMI) warrants its insulating glass (with Polysulphide Sealant) for
a period of five (5) years from date of manufacture against defective materials or workmanship which
result in fogging or moisture formation on internal glass surfaces due to failure of the insulating glass

In the event that a SBMI sealed insulating glass unit is found and verified by SBMI to be defective,
SBMI will provide a replacement unit at no charge, FOB our plant in Surrey, BC, or at SBMI’s option,
refund the purchase price of the glass. In no event will SBMI’s liability exceed the purchase price of
the glass. If SBMI elects to replace the defective glass, SBMI will not be liable for any other expenses
including, but not limited to, removal of the defective unit, installation of replacement units, any
labor, materials, and/or any other damages, including incidental, indirect, special, or consequential
damages. Further, the warranty of the replacement glass will be limited to the remainder of the
warranty period of the original insulating glass.

SBMI expressly assumes no responsibility for and this warranty does not cover the following: glass
breakage, product failure due to improper usage; product failure due to improper handling, loading,
unloading or storage; incompatibility with other glazing or installation materials, including, but not
limited to, coatings, sealants, gaskets, setting blocks, lubricants, insulation or any other materials;
faulty installation or building construction; damage caused by water not attributable to the SBMI
product; failure to adhere to SBMI’s instructions regarding installation and/or maintenance of the
unit, including written proof of routine maintenance (consult Glass Association of North America
Glazing Manual); improper design; errors in provided specifications; scratches or abrasions to the
product; abnormal weather conditions; or damage caused by cleaners, solvents, acids, alkalies or any
other chemicals used on or around the products. SBMI reserves the right to inspect, in the field, any
insulating glass unit that is alleged to be defective.
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20 year warranty
20 year warranty on railings
10 Year warranty on Vinyl decking
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